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Each video lesson comes with an optional add-on for a live Zoom workshop

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Each Workshop Includes:

Online Video Lessons taught by one of our instructors.

Downloadable handouts, worksheets, and/or sides for you to follow along with and practice at home.

Optional add-on to attend live zoom events so you can practice the workshop with other actors and one of our Kimball instructors. 


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3. Attend Live Event (Optional)

Each workshop includes the option to attend a corresponding live Zoom Event where you can learn more and practice the skills of the workshop with other actors and one of our Kimball Studio instructors. 

What makes our workshops great?

We believe in learning by doing. Whether you attend one of our live zoom events, or just enjoy our online video lessons, each workshop is active and goal-oriented, providing clear and tangible ways to get you acting better right away.

"Our workshops are active and goal-oriented, they provide a roadmap to get you acting better right away. "

After more than 25 years training actors at our New York Studio, each online workshop focuses on a specific topic we believe to be among the MOST ESSENTIAL tools and techniques every actor should learn.