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Our focus is on-camera acting for film and television and we've been consistently featured as #2 on Timeout NY's "best acting classes" column. Our teachers are professors at NYU Tisch. We are a female run business. 

We work with no more than 200 actors a year, and for over 30 years we have committed to a studio of a boutique size where every actor works in every class, and is known by the community. Individual attention to each actor is our priority - we believe in learning by doing. 

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We care deeply about teaching and helping actors advance. All you need is the desire to practice.

Our students are Broadway actors transitioning to screen, working film & TV actors, and recent BFA grads embarking on their professional acting life. 

We care deeply about teaching, helping actors advance, and promoting emotional intelligence through the craft of acting.

Our mission is to be your acting home - we will help you foster your acting skills and provide you with a passionate community, no matter what level you are. All you need is the desire to practice.


Our teachers have all studied under the umbrella of Kimball Studio and have varied backgrounds that include teaching at NYU Tisch, writing for television, stand up comedy and working with some of the most prominent directors in the world. Each teacher has their own eye and experience, but are consistent in the language and skill set of the studio.


Kelly Kimball, Founder of Kimball Studio. Cut her teeth working under Mike Nichols, Neil Simon and Gordon Davidson on Broadway. Kelly has also written and consulted on pilots and series for NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.


Janine Ditullio, Partner at Kimball Studio. A six-time Emmy nominated television writer, Janine is also an instructor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in addition to her responsibilities at Kimball Studios.


Julia Crockett, instructor at Kimball Studio. Julia has been teaching at NYU Tisch school of the arts for 10+ years. Her recent acting credits include Mindhunter (Netflix) and Outcast (Cinemax).


On-Camera acting is a different world from the stage. It requires a whole new skill set to be able to bring alive what’s in your head and express it through the screen. It’s THIS skill set that we teach at the studio. The language of the eyes and script analysis are at the forefront of our training. 

We believe weekly, regular practice will help you gain the skills necessary for on-camera acting. We will help you dive all the way IN to your training because acting on-camera takes every ounce of each being.

We'll help you dive all the way IN to your training, and build

a comprehensive

on-camera skill set. 

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