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Acclaim from Industry Leaders

What leading Directors, Agents, Managers, & Casting Professionals say:



Director - Chernobyl (HBO), Bloodline (Netflix)

"Film-making is about translating psychologies into behavior. As a director, I felt a pragmatic need to comprehend the tools, techniques and emotions on the other side of the lens. Recommended by an actress-friend, I stumbled into Ballistics, petrified and unequipped. However - punch-drunk and bewildered - it opened my eyes. Not only towards the thespian methods & techniques but, also, towards myself. My fears, vanities, the banalities of my persona, but also my lust for expression, transmission, and interacting. Ballistics is urgent, discombobulating and violently educational. Like Kelly phrases it: A gym for your acting techniques. Limping out of that first day, I was a rich man and there was no looking back."

Jenny Ravitz


Casting Director - Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD

"I'm always impressed by The Kimball Studio's commitment to technique. Their students truly understand both auditioning and acting for the camera. Not only is their training first-rate, they also encourage a welcoming and supportive community. "

Mia Cusumano.png


Casting Associate - Trial of the Chicago 7, Ramy (Hulu), The Leftovers (Showtime)

Kimball Studio is one of the best studios in the city. Their students are always prepared with thoughtful choices, grounded and honest performances, and clear understanding of scenes. 

Kate Geller.jpg


Casting Director - Dietland (AMC), Blindspot (NBC), The Blacklist (NBC)

"Kelly and Janine genuinely care about the community they work with and are always looking for feedback on what they can work on. The actors I've met that have trained here are always prepared, focused and are able to play with the text."

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 5.07.30 PM.png


Casting Associate - Gossip Girl (HBOMax), Power (Starz), Raising Dion (Netflix), Russian Doll (Netflix), Shades of Blue (NBC)

“Kimball Studio provides actors with a solid on-camera acting foundation built on technique. I’m consistently impressed with the talent that comes out of their program. They foster a collaborative and supportive environment in which the actors are able to learn and grow.”

Anthony Aiello.jpg


Manager - One Entertainment

"It is always a pleasure to be introduced to actors at Kimball Studio. The growth mindset, professionalism and the depth of training is exhibited in each actor's scene work. The care that goes into helping an actor find their lane and their interests is truly rare. Helping someone find their true authentic voice in a very hard business is what makes this Studio different and really helps make the actor's work pop. "

Allison Kirschner.jpg


Casting Associate - Betty (HBOMax), The Detour (TBS), House of Cards (Netflix), Crashing (HBO), The King of Staten Island, The Big Sick

I always get such a positive and professional vibe from all the students at Kimball Studio. They never cease to amaze me with all their hard work and dedication to their craft. I am always excited to return as a guest because I immediately feel a sense of community and support every time I teach a workshop. I can't say enough wonderful things about Kimball Studio and what they have to offer to actors. 

Michael D'Amato


Casting Associate - When They See Us (Netflix)

"The on-camera training curriculum created by Kimball Studio is state of the art. Their actors understand the camera and how to work truthfully in this medium in a way that makes an immediate impact."

Nick Peciaro.jpg


Casting Associate - Homeland (Showtime), City on a Hill (Showtime)

"It's easy to see the potential in many of the actors I meet at Kimball. They've got their wheels turning, the muscle is worked out. They're in the zone and they're ready."



Casting Director - Dickinson (Apple TV+)

"Kelly Kimball's studio sets itself apart from all the other big rat pack studios in New York City. The actors are focused and have great depth. Truly a one of a kind place in the big city."

jen konowal.jpg


Manager - Washington Sq Films, Gersh

"Kimball Studio is where I tell all my clients and prospective clients to go if they want to receive 'Acting-Whisperer'  level training. Their ability to break down specific on-camera techniques, but not lose the spark of truthful acting, is entirely unique and inspired."

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