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We are a female-run on-camera acting studio and performing arts space based in  NYC.

Our staff and resident artists are professional performers, actors, musicians, comedians, dancers, writers and directors.

We have committed, for over 30 years, to a studio of boutique size where you receive individualized attention in classes, and performances are intimate and inspiring. 


Our founders, staff and Resident Artists have varied backgrounds that include film & television acting, experimental theater, modern dance, broadway production, improvisation, and live comedy. Each team member has their own eye and experience that they bring to our performances and events, but are consistent in the language and skill set, and welcoming tone of the studio.

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Kelly Kimball, Actor, Founder, and Creative Director of Kimball Studio. Kelly cut her teeth working under Mike Nichols, Neil Simon and Gordon Davidson on Broadway. Kelly has also written and consulted on pilots and series for NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.



Janine Ditullio, Stand Up Comedian & Partner at Kimball Studio. Featured on Conan, Janine is also a six-time Emmy nominated television writer. Janine teaches as an instructor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in addition to her responsibilities at Kimball Studios.

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Julia Crockett, Resident Artist. Julia has been teaching at NYU Tisch for 10+ years. She's also a classically trained dancer and "movement coach" for some of Hollywood's biggest stars, training them on set. In addition to being an actor, Crockett is a director and choreographer, working in live performance

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Ivica Marc, Resident Artist. Ivica is a well-known Croatian actor and TV personality, now living and performing in NYC. He has collaborated with some of the most prominent Croatian choreographers and directors. His recent acting credits include Billions (Showtime), The Blacklist (NBC), and Jessica Jones (Netflix). He's also a professional dancer and coach.

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Asher Farkas, Development Director and Event Booker. Asher handles all event and performance booking/scheduling for Kimball Studio. He's passionate about providing an eclectic lineup of events for our community of artists. 

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Madi Mitts, Filmmaker. Graduate of NYU Tisch, Madi is also our Stage Manager - running the "behind the scenes" for our events - including our current Zoom events.