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How to Get the Most out of your Weekly Learning Events

Here's our Top-5 Highlights for how to get the most out of the Weekly Learning Events at the Studio. (Does not apply to our performances, concerts, or other seasonal events).

1. Get to Know Your Personal Google Drive Link

Every actor at the studio receives a personal Google Drive folder that we like to call your “home base.” Among other things, it’s where:

  • Your Sides and Scene Assignments are posted every week for On-Camera classes

  • We upload your footage after each class

  • You can watch the “Crash Course Workshop Series

  • You can find ALL our studio resources and announcements.

Pretty much, anything you need - it’s going to be there. So the better you know your way around this link, the more you're going to get out of your 12-Week acting class.

Here’s a quick video, a “guide through the drive" - please be sure to watch so you know how the Google Drive works and specifically how we post sides:

2. The Kimball Studio App

The Kimball Studio app is available for free (here on iPhones and Androids) and is the BEST way to take control of your Kimball experience and weekly class schedule.

We have an extremely flexible makeup policy (you can makeup missed classes in ANY other class, any time within the same session) - so please use it.

The app is the best way to book makeups.

Here’s a quick guide through the app/tutorial on how to cancel out of classes and book makeups - as well as some thoughts on the BEST ways to utilize makeups to get the most out of your 12-Week Session:

Also - CLICK HERE to checkout our other blogpost about "Ballistics" classes.

3. Community Events

Here’s a clip of Kelly talking about the Kimball Community at the Greet-n-Meet:

Our Community Events have helped us connect with Kimballers all around the world, even on Zoom, through the pandemic. They’re free and fun - and a great way to meet your fellow actors and be creative - even in some non-acting ways.

We have concerts, drink-n-draw nights, scene festivals and more. We try to host at least one community event per month. It's a great way to get involved and truly join the community.

And, as with most things at the studio - if you check out the “RESOURCES” folder in your Personal Google Drive Link, you’ll learn even more there - because that’s where we post the “save the dates” and invites to all community events. (We send emails as well).

Also, please be sure to follow us on Instagram where we post some fun stuff and join the "Kelly Kimballers" facebook group - which is actor-run, but it's great to share opportunities and connect with other Kimballers.

4. The Crash Course

In your Personal Google Drive Link, every actor gets access to the “Crash Course Workshop Series” - which is a series of video lessons designed to get you up to speed on all things Kimball.

Years ago, people had to take a 5-Week Crash Course before enrolling in a class at Kimball. We’ve boiled it all down into these videos that now come WITH your class enrollment. So please be sure to watch them - especially before your first On-Camera class.

Here’s a trailer to get you excited about it:

5. And lastly...The Actor’s PUSH

Every class at the studio also includes access to our “Actor’s Push" - a daily practice based on our Ballistics exercise, the “One-Minute.”

Here's how it works:

We send you a one-minute acting prompt AND a bite-sized acting tip, every day.

5 days a week. Starting your first day of class, continuing as long as you take classes.

We know it can be hard to motivate and keep it up, but we HIGHLY suggest you “push” yourself and commit to doing your one-minute exercise every day. It's the core of our Kimball Studio philosophy. It WILL make you better. And it will absolutely help you get the most out of your classes.

Here’s a trailer to get you excited about the Actor’s Push:



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