- The Kimball Slack -

Join our community.

Follow along with our curriculum. 

Watch this Slack Tutorial to get the gist of what Slack is like & what's included. 

All classes at Kimball Studio come with a free Slack membership. Our Slack hosts a community of 200+ actors that support each other and train together. It's a vibrant hub of acting resources. 

  • Access to all our Actor's Resources (Including our video courses, daily one-minute acting exercises, community events, and a lot more).

  • Ability to audit one class/per month.

  • New teaching Videos + Homework from our current session so you can follow along with our curriculum on your own.

  • Casting & Job Postings (a channel where Casting Directors & independent producers post roles & opportunities)

  • Find-A-Reader Channel

Here's what's included w/ a monthly Slack membership:


- Video Workshops -

You can start training right now by purchasing one of our video workshops taught by our founder Kelly Kimball. Each workshop is active & goal-oriented, providing you a roadmap to get you acting better, right away. 

Click on any of the boxes below to learn more and get started. As soon as you purchase, we'll send you a link so you can start watching your workshop & follow along with any included materials.