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Kimball Studio Actors Shine Bright During the Strike

While the strike may be temporarily halting auditions and traditional work opportunities, our actors at Kimball Studio have found innovative ways to stay connected to their craft and continue pursuing their passion for acting. Here’s just some of the ways we’ve kept busy during the strike so far:

  1. Unity in Picketing: One of the most inspiring aspects of this strike has been witnessing our actors come together, picketing alongside their peers from Kimball Studio and beyond. This collective effort has not only forged stronger bonds among our actors but also reaffirmed their dedication to the profession of acting. In times of adversity, it's heartening to see our community standing united, leveling the playing field as they rally for a common good.

  2. Making their own projects: With TV & film production on hold, many of our actors have seized the opportunity to work on their own independent projects. They’ve collaborated to enter writing contests, shoot shorts, and complete the features that they’d started and put on hold. The strike has been a catalyst for creation, allowing our actors the time to tell the unique stories they want to tell.

  3. Acting in Indie projects with big name actors: Many of our actors have also been fortunate enough to get cast in independent features and shorts alongside higher-level actors, an opportunity that might not have presented itself in the absence of the strike. This has expanded their networks and has provided the types of character driven roles that were getting scarce in the corporate production model.

  4. Dedicated Practice: Consistent practice is at the heart of everything at Kimball Studio. With auditions temporarily on hold, our actors have embraced this time to hone their skills relentlessly. They're investing more time in class, where they can delve deeper into their actor's toolbox, all while committing to their own personal growth as actors.

While strikes can be challenging - The Kimball Pack isn’t just waiting for the storm to pass; we are learning, growing, and evolving as artists. The strike has allowed us to rekindle our passion for acting, form stronger connections within the community, and discover new facets of our craft.

We look forward to seeing our whole community emerge from this period stronger, more inspired, and ready to shine even brighter on stage and screen.



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